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TRY started as a side project that was designed to be different from our regular band. It has since evolved into something very cool… and has begun to grow wings of its own.

We wanted TRY to be easy to set up and play in just about any venue, and yet give a "full production" audio and visual experience. The music we play is classic, whether it be new or retro.

TRY plays "the soundtrack of your life"… songs that at once make you want to party, but also trigger memories and engage you to join in and have fun along with us.

Being a trio, it challenged us as how to reproduce this soundtrack authentically. This brings us to the "peek behind the curtain", as it were, and the way we've achieved this with only three people. Read on, if you dare..

Using today's technology (that so many others use, but will never admit to) we have rounded out the music by playing all of the parts ourselves. It's just that some of the parts were done in our studio, and are considered "backing tracks" (thus the lack of a live drummer, for instance.) But, all of what you hear live is (or was) performed by one of us.

While this method is no surprise to the touring professional playing the arena circuit, it is rarely discussed out in the open.
A major advantage of this approach allows many parts of our show to be automated (effects, lighting... etc) so that we can focus our attention on the music, (and you!), making a full-experience show happen right before your eyes!


Come on, TRY it... you'll like it!


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